The Walking Man Podcast

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We are changing things up! Talking about marriage, kids, and The Masters!

We are back after a long winter break! Recapping what we need to do to get going and getting this spring and summer.

I am back for a pre-Holiday pod.

Take back control. From our emotions to what we eat and how we live – fight the outside forces for control.

Being thoughtful about your off days and how you are going about your week is key to maintaining consistency. Make your lifestyle changes a priority every day for success… and there are donuts in the break room.

Now is the time to make your goals and your commitment to lifestyle changes and building good habits! And RIP Jimmy Buffett

Some different thoughts on different subjects and what we are willing to sell and accept.

We’re back from a long break with some thoughts on finding the right REAL food at different grocery stores, the American diet and observations from the college drop off.

Can some types of exercise be counterproductive if we don’t understand our bodies and how we lose weight?

Milan Dinga is a 2007 West Point Graduate and former professional baseball player. He discusses overcoming challenges and running ultra marathons as well as being a father and looking at his own health happiness and the pursuit of wisdom.

A recap of the Coach Latina interview and some thoughts on balancing our lives with respect to being present and also being driven. How does our gratitude help us grow and go forward.

Great interview with coach Latina. We cover his journey in basketball, motivation and finish with a great deal of health and wellness advice that is well worth the time! Coach Latina is as thoughtful as it gets on all aspects of health and happiness.

This is part 2 of healthy clean eating. I get more specific about my journey and what things you can do to see real changes in your health and lifestyle. Let’s break some bad habits and create some better ones!

The Food List! Finally some specifics on how we eat and lose weight. Also a little recap on the Dan Rice interview and the amazing insight he provided. Plus where we are headed!

A great conversation with former Army Officer and FBI Agent Dan Rice. COL(R) Rice was an early mentor in my career and he shares his insights on health and wellness and his recent battle with cancer. A true renaissance man, Dan is a lawyer, pilot, ex military and FBI, and a yogi surfer.

Episode 3 in the prologue to our podcast. The last of our three part mantra: health, happiness and the pursuit of wisdom.

The second part of our foundational mantra – health, happiness and the pursuit of wisdom